Years after rumours of the mysterious Usio first started spreading,
Studio Barnhus are finally ready to release the project’s debut outing,
an LP called Kuwa Huru.

This is emotional, intricate electronic blues for the modern dance floor,
with 8 tracks ranging from afro-beat influenced house jams to starlight spangled techno compositions.

The double vinyl pack includes a download coupon which gives access to the original album tracks + 5 bonus tracks.

Label: Studio Barnhus
Cat. no: BARN 012
Artist: Usio
Title: Kuwa Huru
Format: 2x12'' + download coupon
Release date: February 18 2013
A1: Hadithi Fupi
A2: The Force
B1: Ndoto
B2: Arobaini Na Nne
C1: Kuwa Huru
C2: Siri
D1: Tiger Me
D2: Starlight
Bonus tracks:
1. Amani
2. Rahisi
3. Mizizi - Sequence One
4. Mizizi - Sequence Two
5. Mawazo